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The Egle International SA is a Swiss company.

Egle Inrenational SA operates in the area of brokerage and trading of bulk wines, generic wines, varietal and appellation of origin, grape must and concentrated grape must, grape juice, alcohol and spirits, bottled wines branded and private Label.

Our company employs staff that has gained significant professional experience in various countries and now offers its wealth of knowledge to companies operating in the wine sector, in the main producing and consuming countries such as UK, USA, Germany , France, Italy, Northern Europe, China, etc..

Our work includes support of various professions ranging from the experts at international wine markets, marketing experts, experts in logistics: all essential to the Companies for the definition of large contracts that are closed in Europe in major retail chains, which are essential to achieve goals.


Our area is changing and it needs change fairly rapidly; only those who live in the market every day in different countries can be able to grasp and develop new trends: we are able to offer advice and assistance with transactions in all their aspects (commercial, logistical, legislative).

We are active in many countries, the main world markets but also in several growth markets, covering all product segments, from top wines to wine for discounters: We have agreements and contacts with local partners which give us the ability to access real-time to-date information and fundamental to the knowledge of the various markets.

The Egle International SA also has the exclusive and privileged relations with the major wineries in Italy.


It’s our care to always provide our customers a fast and complete service, able to better respond to any request.

Our aim in negotiations is to find the complete satisfaction of the different needs and to ensure that the parties to begin a relationship that will last for years.

We are available at any time to provide updated information on the trend of domestic and overseas markets through a network of established and ongoing relationships with major operators from different countries.

We guarantee the utmost respect for the privacy of our partners and we operate with absolute confidentiality in the professional conduct business transactions.


wine in bulk raw or only centrifuged ready for bottling wines suitable for cutting and the other for all your needs; from each region.



bottled wines and sparkling wines from every region and every Italian or foreign distribution channels

(supermarkets, restaurants and wineshop).



and grape juice concentrates from red and white grapes, musts and grape juices flavored or less and rectified concentrated must


vinous alcohol, alcohol from molasses, cereals and fruit, alcohol and neutral quantities, providing the natural products



is distilled from wine to fruit and liqueurs



glass containers for food. From the classic “Bordeaux” from three-quarters to the “mignon” for airlines


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Via Balestra 6 – 6830 Chiasso CH

Phone: +41 20 83 123

Fax: +41 20 83 113